Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It started so well...

I managed a whole 2 weeks of training before succumbing to a cold. Typical. Granted it hasn't struck with it's usual ferocity (she says quietly before anyone hears her) resulting in sleepless nights and time off work - standard for an asthmatic - but the usual congestion treatment and 3 days off training has been self-prescribed. Cue olbas oil, tissues and Sudafed. Anyone within a 3m radius of my desk now has very clear sinuses!

On the plus side I'm in the office almost every day this week rather than out at clients. This means that I can cycle to work, which means I got a little exercise today in the form of 2 x 30min on the bike to test out the lungs, and also that it's less stressful as I can manage my own time and work at my own pace without client appointments hanging over me requiring prep and the inevitable post-meeting work. My team are a great bunch of people as well so it's nice to spend time with them, even if none of them will currently come more than 2m near me except to drop a cup of tea on my desk - quickly. Makes for interesting one on one meetings.

Anyway, I feel suitably recovered to get back in the saddle tomorrow. I'm entered in Elite 2x for the Pairs Head on Sat afternoon so preferably need to get some practice in with my partner Elaine, although it's a well known fact that training for this race is considered cheating, being the first race of the season. I might have to cough up some green stuff along the way but I'll try to die quietly.... :)