Monday, April 26, 2010

An apology...

Wow, it was the end of November since I last posted. The shame burns. If anyone is still following this blog, good effort - you clearly have more stamina than me! Mental note to self: must write blog more often.

Clearly being a part-time athlete/ part-time marketing consultant/ full-time knackered person I have a slight excuse in that if I'm not training/ eating/ sleeping/ driving between the office-Caversham-Putney/ pretending to work, I'm sleeping some more... Take this weekend for example; I had grand plans to take full advantage of the afternoon sunshine after wistfully imagining what normal people were doing with the gloriously sunny day that was this Saturday just gone whilst I was busy ploughing my way up and down a 2km lake all morning. I drove home excited about the potential the afternoon had, raced through the door... and fell asleep on the sofa. For 2.5hrs.

To be honest that pretty much sums up every day, although there's normally approx. 4hrs work sandwiched between the training and the sleeping on a Mon-Fri. Anyone who thinks that being an international athlete is glamorous is seriously mistaken! It's early mornings, lots of driving, planning your day to the minute and generally feeling like you have zero time to yourself even though you haven't seen your friends and family in weeks and don't feel like you've been out of the flat. If I didn't have my shopping delivered by a nice Polish guy in a van I wouldn't eat! God bless Ocado.

So yes, I'm making excuses for being rubbish at maintaining my blog. Must. Try. Harder. Story of my life! (All put on myself by me I might add. My Mum would tell me to relax, have a glass of wine and take the weight off, bless her). Even now I haven't written about what I was going to. I had grand plans to update you on the last 5 months but to be honest there's FAR too much too tell you! I'll save that for my next entry - I PROMISE it'll be in the next 7 days! For now, I'm going to continue trying not to fall asleep whilst waiting for the shopping to get here. Where has that Polish geezer got to...

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