Monday, August 23, 2010

Back where I belong

The headline says it all really - I'm back in a boat, and it feels great. Ok, so the speed isn't what it was - it's going to take time for the 7wks of no weights or being in a boat to be overcome - but I'm getting there. I just have to have faith and determination. And I have the latter in bucket loads, even if sometimes the former begins to falter, which it has done a couple of times.

My crew mates have been amazing. Going out in the 4x the other day, one of the girls from the crew with me last year turned to me and said it was great to have me back - that made my day! I told her exactly what I was thinking - it's great to be back.

The Worlds feel an eternity away and we are still not entirely certain of the final line up (or whether I'll even be involved) but one thing is for certain - I'll have earned my seat if I am, and I'll put in a worthy performance to prove it.

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